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Transparency and consistency

At the end of the day, we are about cost reduction.

Our charcoal is dense and rich in carbon which means it will burn hotter and longer. A full service for that matter.


Operations who use charcoal see a significant reduction in LBs purchased per week.

The impact is even greater with wood. Most operations see a reduction of 40% to 60% in wood purchasing when supplementing embers with P6. Some have gone up to 80% less wood. Since P6 is sold by the LB and not the cord, you have full food cost transparency.

Some pizza operations have narrowed it down to a science, adding 1 log every XX minutes to maintain their oven at temp. In addition to cost transparency, this makes training very easy.


Your food costs are predictable and not dependent on who is working the line that night.

Spend Less. Work easier. Profit more.

Are you paying for air and pebbles?

Every bag of lump charcoal has waste built in the product. When purchasing by weight you pay for all the pieces in the bag, large and small.

Any piece smaller than an inch and a half doesn’t contribute anything to the BTUs or longevity you need for service. Most of those pieces will burn out before you even start using your grill or oven.

Waste can vary from 5% to 20% depending on your charcoal. When reviewing the content of your bag, the more small pieces you find, the more you are ACTUALY paying. If a bag costs you X but 50% of the bag is dust and pebbles, you are actually paying 2X.

With Prime 6 you use the whole 22LB.

No dust. No pebbles. No small pieces. Just charcoal.

Waste in lump charcoal



All usable

Prime 6 charcoal

And about that wood..

Purchase a cord (a volume unit) but you don’t know how much you are getting.


Different sizes.

Humidity varies and can contain high moisture.

Messy storage, dirt, mold, and bulk purchase only

Uneven heat (BTU), inconsistent burn time

Tree bark
Traditional wood density

With Prime 6

Same size, clean and in a stackable box

Less than 5% moister

Sold by the LB so measurable food cost

Same BTU, same burn time.

Easy training

Order a case or a pallet, no bulk commitment.

Prime 6 firelog
Prime 6 dense wood

Do you pay for LBs or usage?

The quality of charcoal is dependent on two things. The raw materials and the carbonization process.

Raw wood (lump) is a given. The species of tree, the life cycle it had – all of that will dictate the raw material. And all are factors you don’t control. Carbonization is basically baking that wood, so you apply the same process (heat and length) to different size woods.

To speak in chef terms, you are oven roasting a whole rack of prime rib and a small piece of filet in the same oven for the same amount of time. Either you over cook the filet or undercook the rib.

At Prime 6, we make our own lump. Extruding sawdust into logs of wood with no binders or chemicals. Our proprietary furnace allows us to control the oxygen, temp and length of the process. We apply a precise process to our raw material, which are all the same in size, weight and density. The result is a consistent, dense and carbon rich charcoal.

To speak chef again, we are more like a sous vide process for cuts that are exactly the same in size, shape, weight etc.


To sum it up, the high temperature results in using less LBs to reach the same temp in the grill. The longevity reduces the frequency of replenishing the grill.


Bottom line

You purchase substantially less LBs of solid fuel. So even if price is a bit more per LB, you end the month with savings.

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