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Proudly powering live fire everywhere

Wood is flavorful and we love seeing the flames. But wood is also draining your budget, its unreliable and inconsistent. Using Prime 6 in combination with wood will supplement the embers and give you a better, longer and consistent heat source without impacting your flavor profile. 

The Frame Method

Mixing in Prime 6 with your embers will reduce your dependency on wood. 

But for optimal results, try creating a wood "frame" and placing the charcoal in the center. The intense heat from the charcoal will slowly smoke up the wood - creating the same flavor profile without going through mountains of wood. 

Use Prime 6 as your utility. 

Embers require constant wood feeding into your grill. They produce low temps for very little time. Prime 6 can supplement your embers and cut down the amount of wood you are using. 
In addition, you no longer have to deal with wood management, inconsistent dealers, checking for mold, moisture and poor quality wood. 


Both our charcoal and our logs can reduce the operational costs of operating your pizza oven. 

Depending on the charcoal to wood ratio, starting with charcoal to bring your oven to temp and maintain that temperature, will cut down your wood usage.


Adding the logs creates flame and fire and that additional heat that is perfect for your pizza.

This power combo provides steady heat for hours, while eliminating the chance of ever throwing a wet piece of wood in the oven.

As you can see, the charcoal give the chef 6 hours of heat. A log, or half a log is added every 45 minutes for flame, smoke and the fire effect. 

Anywhere there is fire

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