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High Performing Clean Fuels For Hospitality

Why P6?

Engineered to perform


All our products are made with our customers and mother nature in mind. We believe sustainability shouldn’t come at the expense of quality and performance.

We are a mission driven company, woman owned, USDA Certified and a partner to the biggest reforestation organization in the world.

What you choose, what you do, what you buy – it all matters.


High performance should not come at the expense of high costs

Value. Performance.

Our goal is to reduce your costs while increasing your efficiencies. Our high heat and long burn times means you can reduce the amount of wood or charcoal you use each service.

We don’t want to replace your wood, we want to supplement the embers you cook over. Offering a consistent baseline of steady heat to cook over, with low ash and a clean burn for 5 hours and more – and save you money in the process.

The prime 6 difference

The difference starts with the raw material. Rather than using random wood which offer no control over density and size, we compress sawdust into a denser form of wood. No chemicals, glues, or additives.


We only have one ingredient – hardwood.

Our logs are 3X denser than wood, with no air pockets or moisture. Having a consistent raw material is crucial to high performing product.

Regular wood density
Prime 6 woodlog
Enlarged P6
Enlarged Wood

Transparency & consistency.

So how do we reduce cost?

Our charcoal is dense and rich in carbon which means it will burn hotter and longer. A full service for that matter.

40%-60% reduction in wood purchasing

60% reduction in overall LBs of charcoal purchased

Sold by the LB, not the cord = full food cost transparency

1LB of prime 6 replaces 3LBs of regular charcoal

30% reduction in hood cleaning frequency

Identical- uniformed shape, weight and density 

Consistent performance, easy to train staff and calculate costs

No moisture, no spark and less than 5% ash

One ingredient -100% hardwood. No chemicals or additives.

Get a FREE Sample

Samples available only for professionals in the hospitality or procurement industry.

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What the pros are saying

Simply put

Chef Terry Koval

James Beard Award Winner

Chef owner - Dear and the Dove 

Listen to Chef Terry Koval, James Beard Award Winner Best Chef South East, explain in a simple and direct way why his hearth run on Prime 6 Charcoal.

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