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Premium Sustainable Charcoal 

Prime 6 introduces the next generation of supreme grilling and outdoor lifestyle.  
We manufacture premium sustainable products for the greater good of people and planet and are proud to help cook great food and do good for the environment. 


We are Eco-conscious and 100% sustainable. Our charcoal is made of repurposed sawdust, by doing so we help to cleanup the planet and save American trees.


The carbonization process takes over two weeks. YES!  We take the time to perfect each and every bar till we reach over 90% pure carbon without adding nasty additives and chemicals.

As a result - our charcoal burns for 4 to 8 hours (sometimes more) without smoke and produces intense heat. On top of that, there is no messy cleanup, Prime 6 is self consuming leaving the grill with zero ash. Each and every bar is equally dense so heat distribution is even and consistent.

On the saving side - one 9lb pack of Prime 6 is equal to 30 lb lump, simply because you use much less product per use. And to top it all off, it's easy to carry with a strap in beautiful and elegant hexagonal packaging!

Grilling with Prime 6 is an absolute delight, where more time spent with friends and family instead of replenishing the grill. 


Enjoy grilling without compromise - SHOP Prime 6


100% natural wood

Nature Friendly - made of sawdust


High heat density


Even Heat distribution


Burning capacity > 4 hours

Totally consumes itself - No ash




No artificial additives


No smoke


No spark



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