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Premium Sustainable Charcoal for the Finest Grilling Experience

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Grilling means more than just a meal

It’s not just a juicy burger, a vegetable kebab crisscrossed with char, or a sizzling steak.

It’s dinner that turns into a party when the neighbors show up. Mustard on your fingers. Music on your speakers. “Who wants the last sausage?” (the dog). Bottom line: Grilling is a celebration.

That’s why we created Prime 6.

Prime 6 is made from hardwood waste sawdust, compressed and slow-carbonized into dense charcoal. That’s it. No binders. No additives. No chemicals to smoke up your food. 

Our unique hexagonal design lets air circulate better for more even cooking. And because it’s denser than other charcoal, Prime 6 burns longer, more evenly, and hotter, leaving almost no ash – and minimal clean up. So you can get the best out of your grill, the purest flavor from your food – and make some memories to last a lifetime.

Let’s get grilling.

As Seen on Shark Tank

Prime 6 founders seal the deal with Mr. Wonderful!


Long burn time. High, even heat. Pure flavor.

That’s why professionals choose Prime 6

Engineered to perform

Prime 6 is the charcoal your ingredients deserve.

It’s made from hardwood sawdust, that’s compressed before it’s carbonized, so the oil in the wood is the only binder. The result? Pure charcoal, and a clean burn – no chemical smoke on your food.

Its unique hexagon shape is designed to provide high, consistent heat, so you get maximum control to develop the precise flavors you want.


We need to talk about smoke

You want it. Smoke adds amazing flavor to your food. It’s the essence of grilling. The power of the flame. But not all smoke is good!

If your charcoal’s packed full of chemicals, that’s what smoking up all over your food.

Prime 6 is made from sawdust compressed and carbonized into pure charcoal. That’s it. So the only smoke you get is from the fat dripping out of your meat, hitting the heat, and sizzling back up again.

Experience the pure flavor of your food. Get grilling.


Grilling. The way nature intended.

20,000 Trees Planted and Counting!

We love grilling, and a huge part of that is being out in nature. Give us a picnic blanket and a shady tree to sit under and we’re happy – and our kids are happy too! It really matters to us that we’re creating a sustainable product, that we know is better for the environment – and the future generations who will experience it.

That’s why we’re committed to making sustainable charcoal, from hardwood sawdust that would otherwise end up in landfill.

And for every pack purchased, we’re working with @onetreeplanted to plant a new tree.

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