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High Performance Clean and Sustainable Collection

Engineered to perform


All our products are made with our customers and mother nature in mind. We believe sustainability shouldn’t come at the expense of quality and performance.

We are a mission driven company, woman owned, USDA Certified and a partner to the biggest reforestation organization in the world.

What you choose, what you do, what you buy – it all matters.


For the better of people and the planet

We love grilling, and a huge part of that is being out in nature. Give us a picnic blanket and a shady tree to sit under and we’re happy – and our kids are happy too! It really matters to us that we’re creating a sustainable product, that we know is better for the environment – and the future generations who will experience it.

That’s why we’re committed to making sustainable products, from hardwood sawdust that would otherwise end up in landfill.