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Keep your wood

We don't want to replace your wood. We understand that its an important part of the flavor and process. What we do is supplement the embers and give you a better, longer and consistent heat source without impacting your flavor profile. 

Use Prime 6 as your utility. As you can see in the video above, Prime 6 is surrounded with a wood "frame". The charcoal in the center acts the the heat source for the actual cooking. the logs around are smoking due to the heat generated for the charcoal and contributing flavor in the process. 

When cooking only with wood, its necessary to burn it to embers in order to cook on it. embers burn out fast and so the process requires you to constantly feed the fire to generate more ember. Prime 6 can replace your embers and cut down the amount of wood you are using. 

In addition, you no longer have to deal with wood management, checking for mold, moister and poor quality wood. 

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