Premium sustainable charcoal

For the finest grilling experience

get your Prime 6

More taste. Less Waste.

"Absolutely top quality & performance"

Chef Hugh Mangum

We plant trees with @onetreeplanted!

Every tree makes a positive impact for nature, wildlife, and people.

Prime 6 charcoal, naturally produced from repurposed hardwood sawdust is great for the planet and even better for your food.

Hear it from the Pro


Engineered to Perform

Our unique hexagon design
makes all the difference.

The symmetric facets ensure even heat
distribution while the hole in the middle allows 
steady oxygen circulation that keeps the heat
going from start to finish.  

Grilling For Good

Traditional charcoal comes from trees
which are important to our planet.
Prime 6 is made of sawdust.

We convert that waste into charcoal.
That way, we get rid of waste and save trees. 

America’s top chefs all agree:

Better taste. Extraordinary performance. Unparalleled results.

Re-designing the BBQ Experience

Chill. Lay-back. Relax.
We’ve got you. 
Our charcoal will get it done.

All you have to do is enjoy yourself,
spend more time playing frisbee, eat,
drink and entertain family and friends.

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