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Chefs, pit masters and those who take grilling, smoking and BBQ seriously


In the kitchen, whether indoor or outdoor, every ingredient counts. The steak, the rub, the marinade, the seasoning - the harmony between them creates perfection on a plate. Prime 6 was created to complement just that- Your Passion & Performance. Our charcoal is purposely designed to elevate any and all grilling, bbq and smoking experiences. Innovative in shape and form- it is engineered to perform.


If you’re tired of your charcoal burning out after an hour or even three hours, leaving your grill filled with nasty ash -Yaks! Then it’s time to try Prime 6. Prime 6 burns for 8 hours straight! And leaves ZERO ASH! Wait what?? Yep, and no it’s not magic, although some call it black gold… but seriously, here’s why- 

Our briquettes contain over 90% pure carbon which means, they burn longer - 8 hours longer than anything on the market. It also means, heat is more intense so we don’t need to add nasty stuff to it, and lastly each bar is engineered remember so each bar allows for even heat distribution no matter where you place it.


And perhaps most importantly- we stand with nature, we don’t chop down trees to make Prime 6, we collect waste from the lumber industry and turn it into a magnificent product, so you get to save the planet with every piece you buy.


But hey, don’t take our word for it - Try it for yourself

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