Better taste

Prime 6 is the charcoal your ingredients deserve.

It's made from hardwood sawdust, that's compressed before it's carbonized, so the oil in the wood is the only binder. The result? Pure charcoal, and a clean burn - no chemical smoke on your food.

Because it's so dense (< 90%) it burns high and hot for 6 to 8 hours - no need to replenish coals during service. Plus, our unique design ensures even heat, giving you maximum control.

Efficient Kitchen

Prime 6 was created with the practical needs of busy kitchens in mind.

Its high density (< 90%), ensures greater efficiency: 1lb of Prime 6 = 3lb of lump. With a 6-8 hour burn time, there's no need to replenish during service.

Prime 6's clean burn reduces hood/vent cleaning and maintenance costs by around 75%. And - seems like a little thing, but it matters - it comes in stackable boxes so it's easier to store.

Engineered to perform

Symmetrical facets ensures even heat distribution
Room for oxygen to circulate. Consistent, high temperature.
Pure, dense charcoal. Very little ash. Less clean up. No waste.
Sustainable. Made from natural sawdust - no fillers, additives or chemicals.

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