Performance & Product Benefits

How is it reusable?

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Prime 6 burns longer and hotter than any other charcoal you have ever used. The reason it's reusable is very simple, you can literally “turn it off” when you are done grilling for the day and relight it next time. Since Prime 6 is self consuming, you know it's done when you have no more coals left in the grill.

I see long and short pieces. Is that how it's supposed to be?

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Yes that is exactly how it is supposed to be, and this is why? Our charcoal is customizable in size, meaning you can easily break it off to fit any grill size, smoker, pizza oven or fire pit.

How is Prime 6 saving me money?

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Our 9lb pack is equal to buying 30lbs and here is why? First of all, it burns super hot and super long so you need much less coals per use. Second, it is reusable, so whatever is left in the grill, keep it and relight those leftover coals next time, so bottom line, you get 7 uses per pack on average and a better performing product.

What makes it sustainable?

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Prime 6 is made of repurposed sawdust, which is the one and only ingredient we use. By doing so we help to clean up the planet from waste and save trees.

How come it burns for so long?

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Prime 6 is purposely designed to be the best performing charcoal. The reason it can burn for hours lies in the manufacturing process. Our carbonization takes over 14 days, that's 500% longer than traditional charcoal, why is that important? Because the secret to getting best performance is carbon content and density. Our product contains over 90% pure carbon, the higher the carbon the longer it burns. In addition, Prime 6 is 10 times denser than traditional charcoal and denser than any wood in nature, which means it takes longer to die down.

Is it chemical free?

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Yes! It is 100% chemical free = 100% natural and healthy.

Will my food taste better with Prime 6?

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More taste is our commitment to you. Prime 6 is 100% natural and as such the only thing you’ll taste is the authentic flavors originating from the fat dripping touching the coals and the purest smoke soaked into your food, creating a perfect char and elevating all of those magnificent flavors to a whole new level.

I love smoke. What does no smoke mean?

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No smoke means none of those nasty chemicals, additives, biners, glues or fuels traditional charcoal have. With Prime 6 the smokiness originates in the fat dripping, touching the coals. That is the only smoke you want and the one you are getting with us.

Experience, Lighting & Usage

How do I light it?

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1. There are several methods to light Prime 6. The preferred one is using a chimney starter. Place the briquettes vertically in the chimney. Fill the bottom of the chimney with a fire starter of dense paper/carton and light. Once the bottom part of the briquette turns red they will keep catching while in the chimney even if the starter is done. It will take approximately 10-15 minutes depending on the weather ( temp+wind).

2. Another method is the Pagoda style. This method does not require any special equipment. Create a rectangle shape with four bars. Place your starter in the center and add another “floor” on top of the rectangle. Then cover with a few bars like a roof. Light your starter and wait for the bars to start turning red. Keep the formation until the bars catch the glow and change color (no black parts). You can add more bars on top to keep lighting more.

Shorter bars light faster so we recommend you start with those with any technique you choose.

What if I don't have a starter?

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For most methods you can use dense cartons or wood to start the charcoal. If you need a good base for continuance fire you can create a small bowl with aluminum foil, pour a little cooking oil into it and add a paper towel leaving it half soaked and half sticking out of the bowl. Light the top part and it will burn long enough to light the charcoal.

How do I turn it off?

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Charcoal runs on oxygen. If you are using a grill with vents and a lid, close all of them to choke the charcoal. You can also move your charcoal (carefully) to a cast iron pot and close the lid. As long as you can deny oxygen, the charcoal will die down.

How do I relight it?

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Use any of the techniques above. It will behave the exact same way.

How long does it take to light?

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Because of its high density, Prime 6 takes about 10-20 minutes to light and keeps going for hours.

How do I know its ready?

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Once the bars have changed color from black to a beautiful reddish glow, you are good to go!

What temps does it get to?

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Prime 6 burns hot and can reach over 1,400 degrees Fahrenheit when stacked.

How do you arrange the coals?

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Once your charcoal is lit, spread it evenly in the grill in one even layer. Depending on what you are cooking you may want to leave a part of your grill with no charcoal, to keep food warm while you are grilling other foods. The residual heat will be more than enough to keep things hot for serving. Note that the closer the bars are to each other, the more the heat multiplies and intensifies so keep an eye out.

Grills, Smokers & More

What kind of grill do I need for Prime 6?

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Any charcoal grill or any size and any shape.

Does it work in a smoker?

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Yep, any smoker model, size or shape. In fact you will get even more return on your money when you use Prime 6 in a smoker, because when you control the oxygen you can prolong the lifetime of the bars which some have reported lasted 20 hours.

Can I use it in a fire pit?

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Yes you can.

Can I use it in a pizza oven?

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Yes, in a wood burning pizza oven.

Can I use it in a Green Egg or Kamado Joe type grill?

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Absolutely, it works wonders.

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