Our Story

Hi, we are Riki and Oron, big time foodies, coffee freaks, silly in love, parents to Adam and Mia and the co-founders of Prime 6.
Our journey started on a Caribbean island over 14 years ago and we have been together ever since. Working, traveling, cooking (him not her), building businesses and more often than not, taking the roads less traveled.
We are two ordinary people trying to do the extraordinary, that is why Prime 6 was born.
Our drive is to do more, to do right, starting with creating an impact product that can change our industry. 

It is our dream to build a legacy for our kids, such that they will be proud of, that will live longer than us and touch as many people as possible. 

We hope Prime 6 will become part of your essential ingredients when you're grilling, barbecuing or hanging out around the fire pit.

Happy grilling!

The Francos