Take the Prime 6 Eco Challenge

Take the Prime 6 Eco Challenge

Take the Prime 6 Eco Challenge

We’re proud of our eco-friendly reputation and sustainability. To build on it, we’re holding our very first Earth Day Eco Challenge.

Here’s the idea: Science says it takes 21 days to form a new habit. We thought if we could get people to make small, simple changes for 21 days, it could create the habit of living sustainably. And the 21 days before Earth Day seemed like perfect timing.  

So here’s your challenge, grillers: 
Join us April 1st - 21st doing little things to make a big impact on the planet. 

STARTS: Thursday, April 1
ENDS: Thursday, April 22 • Earth Day

How it works: Each day, we’ll post one tip or instruction (with details, examples, and links) on our Instagram feed. Do it. Or at least try it. 

This challenge also celebrates our team-up with One Tree Planted. For every pack of Prime 6 sold, they plant a tree on our behalf. Sort of like saving the planet, one steak at a time. 

Sneak Peek
To give you a head start, an abbreviated version of all 21 days is listed below.

Good luck!

Prime 6 Earth Day Eco Challenge

Day 1 • Stop drinking bottled water.
Yes, grabbing a bottle’s easy. It’s also harming our oceans. Get a decent reusable bottle and refill it (usually for free!).

We like: S’well, which keeps stuff cold/warm longer and has a condensation-free exterior. 

Day 2 • Bring your own bags.
On your next grocery run, bring reusable bags to reduce CO2 emissions, and plastic waste. 

We like: Baggu, which features multiple prints and sizes perfect for folding + storing.

Day 3 • Eat less meat.
We like meat too but it doesn’t have to star in every meal. Start doing Meatless Mondays.

We’ll post a great, grillable recipe each week during the challenge on our Instagram. Follow us here and get your charcoal ready.

Day 4 • Bring your own coffee cup.
Fact: Coffee + tea taste better out of permanent, reusable cups/containers. (Look it up.)

We like: Our Yeti

Day 5 • Pick up a piece of litter each day.
Tiny goal, huge impact.

If you spot a bit of trash on the ground (nothing that could hurt you/make you sick, of course), pick it up and toss in the garbage. You may end up doing more — and inspiring others.

Day 6 • Say ‘no’ to straws.
Nearly 7.5 million plastic straws were found on U.S. shorelines during a five-year cleanup research project. The fix is simple. Just ask for your drink WITHOUT a straw when dining out. Carrying a reusable one is also an option.

Day 7 • Shop smaller + more often.
Instead of doing MASSIVE shopping trips, plan and shop sporadically for specific meals.

Day 8 • Buy less, borrow more.
Borrowing is a great way to save time, money, and clutter.

Here are some alternatives:

  • Rent a car for a few hours or days: Zipcar
  • Wear designer dresses for a special occasion: RenttheRunway
  • Borrow a single-use tool from a neighbor: NextDoor
  • Have an outdoor adventure without buying all the gear: REI
  • For big projects that take special (expensive) equipment: Home Depot

Day 9 • Reduce waste with your phone.
Apps to the rescue to make use of surplus food. 

Apps to the rescue:

Olio lets you connect with neighbors + local retailers to share surplus food. 
Too Good To Go enables eateries to sell uneaten meals at reduced rates. Farmdrop connects you with sustainable local farmers.

Day 10 • Eat locally.
Buy from farms, grocers, and restaurants that source local foods. 

Find farmers in your area by visiting LocalHarvest.org.

Day 11 • Buy (and learn) from a butcher.
Any way you cut it, a butcher shop is your best option for eating meat sustainably. 

Find one that’s “nose-to-tail” — using as much of the animal as possible — to minimize waste. They’ll have access to local, sustainable, quality meats supermarkets won’t. They’ll also be incredibly knowledgeable on cuts, cooking methods, and getting the most chuck for your buck. 

Day 12 • Buy from ethical, eco-friendly companies.
Vote with your wallet: Buy products from companies whose values align with yours. 

Here’s a starting point: Growensemble.com

Day 13 • Up-cycle your stuff.
“Up-cycling” is really just a fancy term for reusing creatively. Way better than a landfill.

The benefits are huge:

  • Uses less fuel and water
  • Protects wildlife habitats
  • Reduces air + water pollution
  • Saves money
  • Offers a creative outlet
  • Saves energy
  • Cuts greenhouse gas emissions

Day 14 • Eat seasonally.
Opting for food normally available near you supports farming in your area. 

See what's in season: FruitsandVeggies.org

Day 15 • Avoid/reduce extra packaging.
30% of landfill waste is from packing material — and about two-thirds of THAT is food packaging. Shrink that number by being mindful of what you buy and what you do with it. Besides recycling:

  • Buy less.
  • Opt for recycled / biodegradable packaging.
  • Choose reusable products.
  • Buy in bulk.
  • If not in bulk, pick products with minimal packaging.
  • Maintain + fix things vs. replacing.

Day 16 • Garden.
The best things in life are green! Starting a sustainable home garden is a big win:

  • You get tastier, fresher food
  • Reduces carbon emissions and waste
  • Avoid carcinogenic pesticides and fertilizers
  • Supports the birds bugs in the local ecosystem

Day 17 • Drive less.
Just for today, swap out your car and bike or walk someplace instead of taking the car. Your body gets some cardio and you keep some CO2 out of the sky. Maybe it could be a regular thing?  

Day 18 • Party! (Sustainably.)
Rethink your party decor. Decorate your event by bringing the outdoors indoors by decorating with plants and flowers.

Avoid using paper plates and plastic utensils by serving finger-food. This means less waste (and less clean up for you-know-who).

Send your invitations digitally. Not only will you be saving money, but you will also be consuming and producing less waste.

Gift sustainably: Instead of STUFF, ask guests to purchase services like massages, beauty treatments, etc. as gifts.

Day 19 • Skip the junk.
Just say no to freebies that are surely destined for the landfill or the ocean. 

Day 20 • Vacation green.
When travel means flying, avoid layovers since jets use the most fuel on takeoff + landing.
Wherever you land, pick locally owned hotels, organic restaurants, and green businesses to minimize your travel footprint.

Day 21• Grill sustainably (with Prime 6).
OK, this one’s kind of easy. And fun. Alright — and delicious. 

Fire up our charcoal and you’re HELPING the environment. It’s made with only repurposed sawdust so it’s 100% sustainable. No waste, no burning chemicals, and almost zero smoke. 

Day 22 • Happy Earth Day!
Prime 6 is with you in the sustainability fight. We’ve partnered with OneTreePlanted to PLANT ONE TREE for every pack of our charcoal you (the collective “you”) buy.
So far we've planted over 70,000 trees!

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