Get it Done, Like A Girl!

In honor of International Women’s Day, we’re celebrating getting things done Like a Girl. Highlight women who are absolutely crushing it in fields that are traditionally male-dominated.

Let’s take a look at these women of wonder.

Grill Like a Girl

Grill Like a Girl.

Riki Franco

Riki is special to us since she co-founded Prime 6.

She’s a griller, leader, traveler, entrepreneur, advisor, mom, speaker of 3 languages, marketer, adventurer. She’s our kind of girl.

An entrepreneur with an adventurous streak, Riki has always been open to new challenges. She’s consistently inspired through travel, the outdoors, and epicurean living. That perspective has led to a successful corporate career and the co-founding of AlphaCats, a group that champions women’s growth and prosperity in business. Riki’s latest venture is Prime 6 Charcoal which she created with husband Oron and has led to impressive retail growth.

In Her Words: “I grill because Grill power is Girl power. I love the connection of using something as primal as fire to make food — something that connects people and supports life.”

A truly rare combination. You can follow Riki here: @franco_riki

Because Grilling IS for Girls.


Surf like a girl

Surf Like a Girl. 

Nique Miller 

Pro surfer, empowerer, competitor, melanin queen, spokesperson, toe-gripper, ambassador, multi-racial, and grateful. She’s our kind of girl.

Nique grew up in Michigan and Texas, but thanks to a college cross country running scholarship, she now calls Honolulu, HI home. This biracial (Black and Mexican) athlete competes on both paddle surfing and longboard pro tours. Nique credits surfing with letting her travel and make friends all around the world. She also feels blessed for the job and sponsorship opportunities from brands including Billabong, Sunbum, TruLyfe Supplements.  

In Her Words: “I surf because it’s everything — my passion, my happiness, occupation, exercise, tranquility, social hour, and therapy. Surfing has been such a huge part of my life for so many years. It’s shaped me into a more well-rounded, grateful person.” 

Girls rule. You can follow Nique here: @nique_miller/

Because Surfing IS for Girls.


Brew Like a Girl.  

Sarah Perez

Brewer, student, barrier-breaker, taster, Alaskan, worker, teacher, crafter, leader, and beer nerdess. She’s our kind of girl.

As Manager and Associate Brewer at Bleeding Heart Brewery, in Palmer AK, Sarah loves and lives for beer. She’s currently the only black female brewer in Alaska and is getting certified as a Master Brewer and a Cicerone (like a wine sommelier). Sarah started The Pink Boots Society to inspire and support women professionals in the beer industry. They have chapters in over 65 U.S. cities as well as Australia, Netherlands, Canada, New Zealand, Peru, and Spain.

In Her Words: “I brew because I know how to create life. Beer to me is life and I was made to create beer.” 

We’ll drink to that. You can follow Sarah here: @akbeernerdess

Because Brewing IS for Girls.


Susie Bennett

Flex Like a Girl.

Microbiologist, immigrant, nature lover, mom, sushi devotee, alchemist, martial artist, and lab rat. She’s our kind of girl.

Susie never thought about chemistry. At least not during the year she studied fashion design at Parsons, before deciding it was more of a hobby. But taking “Chemistry and Microbiology of Beer” in college eventually led to her current gig as a Quality Assurance Analyst and Microbiologist at Motorworks Brewing in Bradenton, FL. While she loves her job, she says it’s her dream to someday work with NASA.

In Her Words: “I’m a Microbiologist & Quality Assurance Analyst for a microbrewery because I can flex all my chemistry, physics, and microbiology skills while blending them with sensory training and recipe design.”

An amazing equation. You can follow Susie here:

Because Science IS for Girls.

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